It is important to us that every episode is freely available. However video production is not free. It takes time to secure guests for and edit videos for release, not to mention the costs of upgrading our equipment and software to keep a professional standard.

While there is not currently a strict production schedule, during 2017 we are aiming to an average release of one episode per month.

Sponsorship Plans

We have three levels of sponsor:

Credited Sponsor – $10 per episode

Your name or brand gets listed in the end credits.

Subtitle Sponsor – $50 per episode

Your name or brand gets featured in a subtitle at the beginning of the episode and the end credits.

Premium Sponsor – $250 per episode

A title card featuring an image or advert of your choice gets featured partway through the episode with an optional short voice over. Your name or brand also gets listed in the end credits.

How can I become a sponsor?

There are two ways you can sponsor Local Chats.

You can sponsor us via crowdfunding at www.patreon.com/localchats. You will need to create a Patreon account for this method.

Otherwise, send an email to lewisadamstnl@gmail.com to set up a sponsorship account.